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BUG: New modeling view march update PBI Desktop - Can't resize tables


In march version (2.67.5404.581) I've experienced some strange behaviour with the release of the new modeling view in Power BI Desktop.

The most urgent issue is that some of the of the tables in the modeling view has been locked from resizing somehow.
When trying to rezise these tables the UI is not responding.
You can also graphically see that they have been bugged out looking at the table square. (see attached image).
Power BI Desktop Modeling view bug.jpg

Other then the above the new modeling view is a very much slower experience than before. With large models the tables sometimes freeze when dragging them around, and sometimes there's such a big input lag that it takes several seconds for the mouse input to be registered when for example selecting, resizing or moving tables.

The ability to resize the tables has also been changed. Currently it's only available dragging from the bottom right corner.
This is a minor thing and mostly just annoying since it's a degradation of functionality since the earlier version. But please, take a look at this as well.

This is my third issue report regarding the new modeling view. Basically it feels that the new modeling view is in an unfinished state at the moment. There are some very nice new functionality, but there are some basic navigation/UX functionality that are missing compared with the earlier version.

I just realized that the possibility to create relationships using drag and drop between tables is also missing in the new modeling view. This is also one of the features that existed in the old relationships view.
Currently need to open "Manage relationships" view which is not as intiutive (at least not all the time).



Status: Delivered
Community Support

Hi @Mawi


For the first two issues that resizing tables causes unresponsive and slow performance, I would suggest you create a support ticket to let engineers look into the issue on your side. 


Support Ticket.gif


For the last two issues that we can only resize tables via bottom right corner and can't create a relationship by dragging and dropping between tables, I would suggest you post a idea here and share your comment in this blog


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Community Support
Status changed to: Delivered
Resolver IV

I agree with all of the above.  In addition, every single time I open up an existing report and click on the Report tab, my carefully layed out tables are all scrambled.  I have to rearrange them every time.  What makes it more frustrating is that moving the tables around used to be very easy.  You just click and drag.  But now, you have to click on the table to activate it, then click on it again to move it.  And half the time the table won't move if your mouse is not in the perfect spot.


Please fix this!!

Impactful Individual

@v-qiuyu-msft @Mawi @Roseventura It's April 9, and I have each of the issues mentioned above with my models.  Some of the tables are wacky wide, I cannot resize them from the lower right hand corner, my carefully laid out tables are scrambled, and the view is unresponsively slow, not to mention drag and drop relationships aren't supported.  So, I'm not quite sure what "Delivered" means, but it seems there's more to be done. 

Impactful Individual



Boy, I got hit with this issue today...the model view is really scrambled and it will take a long time to reconfigure it.  
Here's the before pictureModelViewApril9.png


Here's the after:ModelViewApril11.png


Yesterday I created a new view and now I've lost the master view.  It's a mess and is very very difficult to work with given the lags in the UI and size of the images.

Would it be possible to leave our views alone unless we change them?  You may not like the way I've organized it, but it is important to me that I be able to arrange it myself.

Thank you,


Resolver I

We are also having problems with models being reorganized.  Very disappointing.  Clearly this one was not fully vetted.   Lets hope the May release provides some relief.


Also, when creating a second tab of the model does anyone know how to individually add one table.  Seems if you remove a bunch of tables and want to get one back you have no way of doing that.  Am I missing something?