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BUG - Line and Stacked Column Chart different behavior after publish the report to Power BI Service



I am reporting a bug here on Power BI Service - - Line and Stacked Column Chart 


The line value behave differently after publish the pbix file to


Snapshot 1 

- This is the pbix file snapshot, i set the Y-axis start value = 0




Snapshot 2

- This is the snapshot in after i publish the pbix file

you can see that the start value of y-axis is still 0 , but the line value is showing almost the same height of the column bar which is incorrect.




Snapshot 3

- then I changed the start value of y-axis to -1, it works well.




But this is not correct behvior, even though I set the start value of y-axis as 0, it should behave the same as pbix file.


Please resolve this ASAP, I need to set my y-axis start value as 0 as per my needs.

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A similar issue has been reported internally and this will be fixed later this month.

CRI 238699525

Helper II

@v-chuncz-msft  glad to know that, thanks for the reply ~ will check it out after next release ~