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BUG: Incremental Refresh Fails - Resource name and Location need to match

Incremental refresh is setup with RangeStart and RangeEnd, filter applied to table with those parameters.  Incremental Refresh policy setup in model on that table and Detect Changes is also set on a modified date column (Date/Time datatype).  Refreshes fine locally

but when published to service and refreshed for the first time we receive this error: Resource name and Location need to match.

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I just met the same problem. One more thing to add to this: I have two queries, one is filtered by RangeStart and one is not. I'm not totally sure if it should work at all. And I have no idea what the error message means..


Something went wrong
Unable to connect to the data source undefined.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Underlying error code: -2147467259
Underlying error message: Resource name and Location need to match. Resource name: TestpassResult_OLR. Location: Polling_36686F87_B3FA_4760_A613_9C6D47A37170.
DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingHResult: -2147467259
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: f3b04e17-9f15-4911-a3bd-8b0668ec2380
Request ID: d31a2119-2247-fba6-0128-ad67cc0e4095
Time: 2020-03-01 07:43:04Z

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I deleted both report and data set from PBI service, and publish again the pbix.

Right now it refreshs without any errors.

Hope this will help.

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I'm using a couple of reports with incremental refresh and have had this refresh fail issue pop-up since this Monday (02/03/2020). 

The report is connected to a SQL Server 2017 backend. 


deleted both report and data set from PBI service and re-published the pbix, and further checked whether the on-premise gateway is on-line, but still gets the same issue.


I published a copy of the same report without Incremental Refresh and it refreshes without a fail. 







Helper II

Same Problem. If I delete the report in PBIService, deaktivate incremental load in the desktop file, publish it again: everythin works fine.

Deleting, activating incremental load, publishing, refreshing:


Zugrunde liegender Fehlercode:-2147467259
Zugrunde liegende Fehlermeldung:Resource name and Location need to match. Resource name: Auftragsdaten. Location: Polling_36686F87_B3FA_4760_A613_9C6D47A37170.
Zeit:2020-03-03 16:41:16Z
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Same problem here. I turned off 'Detect Data Changes' in the Incremental Refresh screen for each table that was giving me the error. It now works fine. Something obviously isn't working right!

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I got the same error as well. 


@BrettTAG Do you mean we need to turn on "Detect Data Change" to avoid such issue?

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@Anonymous, Power BI Service was giving me the error "Resource name and Location need to match" on any table that I tried to use "Detect Data Change" for. When I turned if off for those tables, Published again, then Power BI Service had no problem refreshing the data.

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Agree with @BrettTAG - it seems that error is induced by "Detect data changes" option.

After uncheck it, delete data source and publish the report again it seems to make it working.

Helper I

Got the same error as others, and it also seems to be caused by the "Detect data changes" option. 

Unchecking this option and the refresh works fine in PBI Service.



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The error is still there. I am trying to apply "Detect Data Changes" to the Incremental Refresh policies of a table coming from MySQL.


I already have another table with Incremental Refresh where "Detect Data Changes" is turned Off and it incrementally refreshes perfectly, whereas the new table I am trying to apply Detect Data Changes to, is failing with "Resource name and Location need to match" error as follows:


    "error": {
        "code": "DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_MashupDataAccessError",
        "pbi.error": {
            "code": "DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_MashupDataAccessError",
            "parameters": {},
            "details": [
                    "code": "DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingErrorCode",
                    "detail": {
                        "type": 1,
                        "value": "-2147467259"
                    "code": "DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingErrorMessage",
                    "detail": {
                        "type": 1,
                        "value": "Resource name and Location need to match. Resource name: LeadsNative. Location: Polling_36686F87_B3FA_4760_A613_9C6D47A37170."
                    "code": "DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingHResult",
                    "detail": {
                        "type": 1,
                        "value": "-2147467259"
            "exceptionCulprit": 1


  As stated above, the error dissapears when I disable "Detect Data Changes" for the so called table, and I am then able to trigger refreshes in the Service. Nevertheless, this is not what I need since the incremental refresh policy must account for data changes.


Any ideas or solutions you might have already found??????? @BrettTAG @morbu @PowerBIT