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BUG: Import from multiple DB then Append Query with relationship and Empty tables

OK I get that’s a bit a big subject! Smiley Frustrated


We have multiple Databases on different servers (19) with the same structure.

We import data from them and then append the tables into one large table from all sources

When then create a relationship between some of the appended tables.

On some servers the tables are empty; that’s ok and expected.


Power Bi sits for a stupendously long time on "Creating a connection in Model" I'm guessing its waiting for data from some tables to create a join?? Eventually it times out and loads the rest of the data (timeout set to 1 minute which it ignores)


Although this does eventually work on desktop when you load it to PowerBi/Office 365 (connected via Person gateway) it fails.


Selecting the main Appended table (all the sub appended are already set to not load) to not load does break the related graphs as expected but it does load ok to Office 365.


Essentially we need empty tables to finish loading immediately and not try to evaluate the join on two empty sub tables before they are all appended.


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Hi @timau,


1. What's the size of your model?

2. What's the main issue?

3.How did you load it to Office 365?


Best Regards,


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