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BUG : Custom color on line chart no more applied in Service


Since this morning, we are experiencing troubles with the custom colors in line charts on Power BI.

The custom color is no more applied, as you can see on the exemple below.

We now have the default color applied on all report in all workspace (global issue).

Normally : Green = Blue / Black = Light Blue / Red = Hard Red










Even if we deploy again the report or change the color directly into the service.

Is linked to the Service update ? 

Thank you for your help, because it is rainning user complaints here 😞


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Same Issue in all my reports. 


Thank's in advance for your support. 


Best regards. 


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Can you try using Continuous type in the X-Axis vs the Categorical? I have been facing the same issue and that could be the issue. Need some assistancec from the Power BI team to resolve the issue. 

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Hello @ncdreamy ,


Thank you for your help.

Not sure that modifying all our report that works since while could be a solution.

All those reports use to work well since this morning.

As you said, I think we need Power BI Team support.


Thank you.

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same issue in all my reports from yesterday. Hope Power BI support team can look into it and fix it ASAP.

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Bump - same issue here. 


Different colour scheme for line chart when dashboards are viewed on Power BI Services online. 


Was working fine before. 


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Same thing here. Was working until a couple of days ago.

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I am seeing this same issue in our environment. It was working fine until this friday.
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I had the same issue. It now looks like its been resolved as of this morning.

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Thank you all for your comments.

As raised by @JonHacking , the issue seems fixed today.

All my report recover their good colors on all workspace.

Microsoft team you did/do a really good job with Power BI, so please be careful about regression tests :).

Thank you !

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I can confirm that the issue has been fixed as well.

Thank you Microsoft team for reacting this quickly.