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Azure cube connection issue

I have a number of PBI dashboards each using Azure analysis server cubes and up until today they all ran fine.

Today, I try to open them and I get the following error message "Windows authentication isn't supported in DirectQuery mode for this data source".

I don't use a DirectQuery for my dashboards, and a colleague has been able to open one of them without problem.


My PBI Desktop version seems to have been updated to Dec 2020, whereas my colleague is still using Nov 2020 so I suspect there is some problem with Dec 2020.


It's very frustrating and I don't seem to be able to find a way to revert back to the Nov 2020 version.

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We have the same issue.  We thought it might be because of an issue with Analysis Services:
This was posted yeaterday by Microsoft:

"We are excited to announce that DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Azure Analysis Services is now in preview! This long-awaited addition allows report authors to use DirectQuery to connect to Azure Analysis Services or Power BI Datasets and, if they want to, combine it other DirectQuery and imported data.

Note that at the moment, we are waiting for some final Azure Analysis Services updates which are rolling out this week. You will be able to try this feature against Power BI Datasets, and support for connections to Azure Analysis Services will come by the end of this week."
So we thought that might be the issue with this error message. But would love confirmation by Microsoft.

It would be nice to have the last released version also availble to download so you can fall-back when you experience issues. We fortunetely had a previous version in our download folder.


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I have the same issue, just discovered today. I can't even make a regular import when trying to connect to Analysis Services. 


I cannot open previous created reports which are connected to Analysis Services. 

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A colleague of mine is having the same issue.  He's getting the error "Windows authentication isn't supported in DirectQuery mode for this data source" trying to open a Power BI report connected to Azure Analysis services tabular model.  This just happened recently, since he's able to open the report a few days prior.  He has Power BI Desktop version 2.88.621.0 64-bit (December 2020).


I have a lower version and am able to connect fine.  Can somebody please help get this resolved ASAP.





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I have the same issue with the December release.  Please help!

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Same issue here.

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I'm getting the same issue. I have the December 2020 version. Help!

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Same issue here, just when we started to rollout Power BI Desktop for our report builders.

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Seems like de the December version is forcing Direct Query for Azure Analysis Services.

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You need to clear permissions from data source settings for that AAS connection. Open a blank Power BI report, go to Data Source Settings and select correct global permission and Delete it.



After that open Power BI report with live connection to AAS model and it should prompt for login. Select Microsoft/Organizational login and you should be able to connect again.

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This worked for me.  Thanks for your help arttuvuorin!