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Azure analysis services: This server does not support Microsoft account authentication

I have a Power BI report opened in Power BI Desktop (Version: 2.90.782.0 64-bit (February 2021)) that was connected to an Azure Analysis Services server. Every time I opened the report locally I get this error saying "this server does not support Microsoft account authentication.


Clicking retry does not resolve the issue and clicking edit takes me to this menu to enter a server name and database name. I enter the correct server name and database name directly from the Azure portal and click ok which takes me back to the previous screen without giving me a chance to try any other credentials.



It seems like there are credentials cached somewhere that it is trying and I want to use a different non-Microsoft account or whatever will work. I've opened a blank pbix file and cleared all my global permissions.



I have made sure that I am not signed into any account.


But I continue to have this issue.


I am able to opened the pbix file if I connect it to my integrated workspace (opened model.bim file via visual studio enterprise with tabular editor extension) but when I try to switch the connection back to the Azure analysis services server (as the file needs to be for production use) I am unable to connect because of the same issue again.




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Please check your access credentials in AAS.




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Yes, I definitely have access in AAS. I am am an admin on the server and am the one who spun up the server in Azure so I have owner access in IAM.