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Azure Search service failing to refresh

When refreshing the azure search service app dashboard, I keep getting the following failure


An error occurred while processing the data in the dataset.Refresh failed:

Azure Search has failed to refresh.
Failure details:We found an invalid escape sequence in JSON input.. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface. Table: OperationLogs.Next refresh for Azure Search is scheduled for March 12, 2019 11:06 UTC. 

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Technical Information 

Activity Id:1ccef091-2054-464e-bb51-673cbfc404a4

Request Id:ca295866-f0b6-394f-9313-73ffa4b5716d


Refresh Start Time:March 11, 2019 18:08 UTC

Refresh End Time:March 11, 2019 18:17 UTC


This working on Friday, but seems to have failed over the weekend

Status: Delivered

Hi @eanderson


Please create a support ticket to get support. 


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Status changed to: Delivered
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