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Azure DevOps Server (Beta) connection issue with collection that has a space in it.

Our collection name has a space in it from when it was created a lot time ago. This seems to cause an issue with the PowerBI connector, as when it tries to connect it says that the project does not exist. I renamed the collection our Dev AzDO server and it connected in PowerBI without issue. It seems like there is a bug on either the PowerBI side, or the Azure DevOps side with how it connect to the Collection and it doesn't like the space in the name.



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New Member

Here is the error I'm seeing (it wouldn't let me upload it to the post. I blurred out some of the information.

2019-09-11 15_49_24-Navigator.png

Community Support Team

@jgillette ,


Please check if the URL and project name is valid. In addtion, when you connect to azure devops(not server), does this error happen?



Jimmy Tao

New Member

Both the URL and project are correct. As I said, I took the same collection on our "dev" machine and renamed it removing the space in the name, and I was able to connect fine. There's some kind of bug with connecting when there is a space in the name. 


We only have an OnPrem version, i don't have a way to test the online version.