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Azure Cost Management - PBI Connector - Bug



We are using the Azure Cost Management connector in PBI to display our costs. (

Everything was working fine, however since a few days, we lost information regarding the use of reservations within the API results. Data from November until now lost the entries for their subscription where reservations are concerned in the Usage Details.

E.g. before the bug, reservation shows correctly for which subscription it applies:


E.g. currently with the bug (at least we believe it to be a bug):



The subscription is no longer filled in and it's just "Unassigned", while it was assigned before. Even entries that were correct in November, have now change to incorrect data. Hence, the change seems off.

Not sure if we should contact MS Support for Azure or here for PBI?
This does hinder our financial operations, since reservations can no longer be correctly correlated.

Thanks in advance!

Status: Delivered

Glad it solved ,now this thread will be closed.

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Seems MS resolved it overnight as the entries are back set. 🙂 So no need to investigate.

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Status changed to: Delivered

Glad it solved ,now this thread will be closed.