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Azure Consumption issues

 Hi ,


I have a report buld on azure consumption in**bleep**s , when I built it , it was perfectly fine , but now it seems it is missing some data , I have used the below link to build one : , but it seems I have not getting any cost for month of Jan and March , through records are there in the "UsageDetails" table but the cost column if 0 for all the records for the month of Jan and March (Feb is working fine).  I have tried to report the report in both Power BI server and local Power BI desktop model and it's not working. I have a older model in Power Desktop and that old model has data for Jan 2019 when I was developing it. Any inshights will be much appriciated.


azure report Capture.JPG

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Things appear to be working as expected for me too now.

As @TomDitlev states above, I have seen this issue occur at least twice in recent weeks, which is concerning to say the least.



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Hi ,


It will be good to know why this data loading issue occurs , it will help us explain the business of missing cost . It does not look good if we say "We do not know , but it will fix itslef in sometime."