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Azure Consumption issues

 Hi ,


I have a report buld on azure consumption in**bleep**s , when I built it , it was perfectly fine , but now it seems it is missing some data , I have used the below link to build one : , but it seems I have not getting any cost for month of Jan and March , through records are there in the "UsageDetails" table but the cost column if 0 for all the records for the month of Jan and March (Feb is working fine).  I have tried to report the report in both Power BI server and local Power BI desktop model and it's not working. I have a older model in Power Desktop and that old model has data for Jan 2019 when I was developing it. Any inshights will be much appriciated.


azure report Capture.JPG

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I've been seeing the same problem since last week (approx. 22nd March).  I'm querying MicrosoftAzureConsumptionInsights for DetailCharges from July 2018.  This was working reliably but now when I refresh the data I see what looks like correct data for July/August/October/December 2018 and January 2019.  However, the data for September/November 2018 and February/March 2019 appears to be missing/reporting £0.


Multiple refreshes of the data result in the same output.

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I have the same problem.  I have data only for January, February and June of 2018. 0€ for the rest of months of 2018 and 2019. 

before this problem, i had difference in some months  between the data extracted from via csv file, and MicrosoftAzureConsumptionInsights for DetailCharges. I think due to a change of definitios of categories and subcategories..

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Seeing the same issue here.  In my case I have data up until Jana 2019 and then nothing.  I also tried just installing the off-the-shelf Azure Consumption Insights app and it shows the same issue.

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Same issue :-( Seen first time 19-March. Issue on several datasets.


I have also reported this issuue through GitHub:


Hi all,


Please refer to the @ldesport's post in this same thread:




I'm trying to track the issue internally once I get ticket number, will keep you update once I receive any information. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi All,


I have tried to refresh the data again and it seems all the issues are now gone. I am able to see the full list of costing now even on the deployed reports in Power BI server.

I guess MS has fixed this issue now, I will monitor the data set for some days to see if the issue is really gone or just a bug that keeps happening in a interval of time.



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My data is also back this morning. The same was true last time I saw this issue. One day without data and the day after the data was back. This has now happened twice (as far as I know) (March 19th and 25th)


Hi all, 


Please test again your side, the issue should be gone now. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi Qiuyun Yu, 


Will you be providing an explanation? Why are we seeing this? As I wrote I have now experienced this twice.


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