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Avoid table being marked as Measure Table in Power BI ?

We have a model in Analysis Services Tabular.
Some of the tables contain only visible measures, Power BI marks them automatically as Measures Tables and put them on top of the Fields pane.
Other (fact) tables have measures and descriptive columns, they appear between de (dimension) tables.

this makes it difficult for our end users to find the proper table, some are in the alphabetical list, others apear at the top.

Can this behaviour be switched off, so that all tables are sorted alphabetically, regardless if it only contains visible measures or not?

Status: New
Community Support


To my knowledge, this is designed by default, and it couldn't be switched off in power bi for now.

the workaround is add/unhide a column in these some of the tables contain only visible measures.

or you could submit your idea in here: