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Average is not returning a value


Hi all,


I need help please my average calculation of average of quote amount by contractors is bringing this error message  




Calculation error in measure cannot convert value (Contractor) of type text to type True/False.



my measure is

Average = CALCULATE(AVERAGEX(FILTER('All Outstanding Current Works','All Outstanding Current Works'[Quote Amount]<>0),'All Outstanding Current Works'[Quote Amount]),'All Outstanding Current Works'[Contractor])
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Community Support

Hi @YvesHermann ,

Please try to modify your measure like this:

Average = 
        'All Outstanding Current Works',
        'All Outstanding Current Works'[Quote Amount] <> 0 &&
        'All Outstanding Current Works'[Contractor] in DISTINCT('All Outstanding Current Works'[Contractor])
    'All Outstanding Current Works'[Quote Amount]

It should get the average result.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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thanks so much