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Automatic Un-hiding of Hidden Columns on Dataset Refresh

I have an issue where my pbix file automatically unhides hidden tables and columns only when I change the datasource of my file. Most odd about this issue is that no hidden measures or columns are unhidden when this happens.


Tried the exact same file in Power BI desktop version 2.46.4732.731 (May, 2017) and the issue does not occur. Any insight into a version change that might be causing this? It is really frustrating to have ~50 columns in different tables unhide themselves just for re-pointing a datasource.

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What is your data source here? I tested with version 2.49.4831.521 (August 2017) of Power BI Desktop using excel data source, the hidden tables and columns were not unhidden after I changed the excel source to another excel file.


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Sorry for the delayed reply @v-haibl-msft


The datasource is an Azure SQL Database. Each table in the PBIX has a respective view.  I'm looking into whether the file is refreshing and picking up old columns and thinking they are new columns and unhiding them by default. Though that doesn't explain how I've been able to swtich connection strings, refresh etc. In v2.46.4732.731 with no issues since.


Very interested if anyone else has ran into this/your thoughts.