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Auto update failure for Dataset



I have a dataset named Tier2_weekly, when refreshed and publish through Desktop application it works fine but when auto refresh is scheduled, it gives this error - not sure how to address this. Please help


Data source error:The 'Age' column does not exist in the rowset.
Activity ID:764f9267-775c-4138-9aaa-2fa353473256
Request ID:1aed9a2c-a19e-ad17-ca3b-1ac26a7b4b42
Time:2021-08-03 05:44:58Z


Data Refresh at 11:14:51 is for the Dataset uploaded and it fails. The dataset which is used through PowerBi desktop doesn't give this error.



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Community Support

Hi @mkirubakaran ,

Sometimes this error is because a column was moved, renamed or removed in the original data source.


As far as I know, power query will cache the first time process result data structure into the query steps. If you do any changes to your data structure(power query or database side), they not auto-sync to each step and you need to manually fix them.


You can try to clear the cache in Power BI Desktop, re-open the file and refresh it to check whether the column is there. If it is, re-publish and see if it is now there on the Service side.  Refresh on the Service side and see if there is an error.  If there is an error still after all of that, then go backto desktop and save a renamed version of the report and publish that and see if the renamed version works.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li