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Authentication with BigQuery : dataset refresh not working



I have recently noticed that I could no longer update my Power BI datasets using the web client, neither by using the planned refresh nor the instant refresh





As suggested in the error message, I went to the settings


I clicked on "Edit credentials", which showed this screen : 


And after authenticating with any privacy level, I end up on the exact same screen as above


Clicking cancel brings me back to the settings, the credentials issue is still there, and I cannot access scheduled refresh : 



I manage to load and refresh the data on the desktop client, so it does not look like an account issue

The version of my desktop client is : 2.95.804.0 64-bit (july 2021), and I was able to recreate the issue with a new report

I was able to recreate the issue using : Chrome, Firefox and Edge


Several people in my organization have this issue, however a few others manage to do refresh with their credentials



Could you please help us solve the problem?

Thanks in advance

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I'm having the exact same issue. I've also tried in different workspacaes and tenants

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Hello, I'm having the exact same issue... 😞

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Exact same issue here

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Hello, I have been having this issue all day as well. My team is unable to view our reports.

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There is an ongoing issue with Bigquery connector. I talked with a Support Team from MS and they told me this will get fixed on next Service's update, due to 8/7

Community Support



A similar issue has been reported internally. The fix will arrive in early August.

CRI 251438100

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Thank you for the information !


I will update this thread when I notice it's fixed

Until then do not hesitate to tell me when the fix is deployed

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We're having the same issue!

New Member

Having the exact same issue here as well.

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Microsoft PowerBI support shared with me this tip:


You could edit the datasource credentials by logging into the below link ( A workaround untill the fix is deployed )


Worked for me.