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Authentication issues with Power BI Android App


I'm posting this as suggested by Power BI so that the issue, and my resolution can be investigated to benefit other android users.

This is an issue I had in the past when I tried to log into the Android power bi app. I kept getting the message "Could not authenticate because your corporate SSL certificate is untrusted by this device".

Initially, I had no authentication issues with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (and 4 prior to that).

I'm guessing that either Samsung or Google have made changes with installed certificates as this issue didn't occur on Apple iPhones (corporate or personal)

I managed to work it out but only after a lot of searching. I found a post here (, which didn't help. I logged a support ticket, which didn't eventuate, even after trying a couple of other app builds. I also found this link (, which again didn't help.

After multiple searches, I found this link that reviews certificates used by a site and creates a report for you.

I typed in the domain of my organisation and got a report detailing what certificates it uses. The report takes approximately 2 minutes to complete.

I looked for the Issuer for each certificate and went to the link provided for that certificate. I then downloaded and installed the certificate. I also did this for and installed a missing certificate. I'm not sure if you have to reboot your device but I did.

My Power BI app now works. I'd like to add that in addition to Power BI not authenticating, I could not log in to any office apps or Skype for business.

The link to the tool is:
Status: New