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August update - memory issue?

Since installing the 64bit August update of Power BI desktop, I'm really struggling to update any of my reports. The memory usage spikes as soon as the application is launched and stays at 98-99%. Even trying to change a column name freezes or crashes the application. I am using a small data set on a computer with 8GB of RAM.  Had to uninstall and go back to the June version.


Has anyone else encountered this problem?  

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Hi @Anonymous,


How about the result if you create a new report without updating report use Power BI desktop August version? 


Please ensure there is no other applications or you can restart the machine, then open the Power BI desktop August version to check memory usage. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi @Anonymous, 
I have a lot of issues with the Power BI August version and I want to downsize to July. 
How ca I do it? 

How you did it ?

If there is a url with the oldest version, could you please share ?


Thank you!

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Hi @luxpbi,


As far as I know, Microsoft only allow you to download the latest version of Power BI from their website. I was lucky enough to have an older installer saved in my Downloads folder on a VM. 


Not sure if anyone is aware of any public URLs to previous versions?

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Could you please share the installer?

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Great thanks!

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I've been running into this issue as well and many dashboards that worked in previous versions often crash unexpectedly. Sometimes this happens when updating a query, sometimes (almost always) it happens on refresh, and at times it happens just opening the file with no action.