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August 2020 version of PBI Desktop corrupts any PBIX report file that is saved

The August 2020 version of PBI Desktop 2.84.461.0 64-bit (August 2020), corrupts any PBIX that is saved using this version.  Once a PBIX is saved, it cannot be opened by this version or any previous version of the PBI Desktop.  It says the PBIX is corrupt.  Even when I had published to the Service using the August version, where the report is working fine; if I then download the report on the Service to a PBIX, that PBIX will not be able to be opened by any version of the PBI Desktop always indicating the report is corrupt.


I had to re-install the July version of the PBI Desktop to avoid this issue.

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I already tried there, and got August 2020 again, even though I followed links to download Jul/Jun 2020 versions. They all go to the same Aug 2020 file page

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All the links from there end up here:


Unless you can get somewhere else?

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As per below. It shows me the .exe file




The link is here for June

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Im blind!! I kept clicking on the Download Center link! Thank you!!!!!!!

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For me the issue seems to be solved. Downloading the July version of PBI desktop didnt solve it (or at least not alone). I had to go into the data source settings for global sources when i open PowerBI, and change them all back to my windows user logon. Now seems fine...

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My issue has been solved with the new version that out now (2.84.701.0) and all files are opening correctly now

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Thanks for that message @chrisbilsoe . I have also checked with the August version 2.84.701.0. fixed now for me also.

Also an issue I had with a mixed storage mode model using direct query, created by another user and re-saved by me, seems to be fixed too. More detailed testing will be done on Monday

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same issue with me

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Same here.