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Attribute Slicers stopped working on published reports

The Attribute Slicers works fine in PowerBI Desktop, no warnings, published w/o issue, but the Attribute Slicers do NOT function in the published reports.  The slicers worked fine w/previous publications.

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It isnt working for me as well. 

The attribute slicer is not giving any error, but it just wouldnt apply the filter.

This is only happeing in the Published Reports and Dashboards.

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Does this happen only for reports you have just republished or published?


I use the attribute slicer in several existing reports and those appear to be OK?


However, perhaps I'm not thinking of the same slicer tool?  Is it this one?

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Mine worked fine yesterday.  Today they just keep spinning.  I noticed that if I hit Refresh on the report, it completes the filter almost immediately.


It is only on published reports. Works fine in the desktop.

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So the reports that stopped working, you did not change them or update or republish them at all between yesterday and today?  (Do all reports break or only ones that were changed recently)

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I did republish them yesterday and I thought that I tested them but I'm honestly not sure if I only tested the filter functionality in the desktop (where they still work fine).  


I also just went back to it and found that while pressing reset makes the attribute slicer finish its search, it doesn't then filter anything when I choose one of the searched results.

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I did not change anything in the report neither did I republish. They are set for a Scheduled Refresh daily so I do not have to publish each day. I am not sure what is causing this. Nothing has changed.

For me all my reports are breaking. Previously published or recently published 😞

While this happens on Web, desktop seems to work just fine

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Hi All,


An existing issue has already been reported internally to Power BI Team: CRI 51860728

The product team is working on it.


Best Regards,

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Status changed to: Accepted