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Attempting to add credentials for Azure Data Explorer results in "We cannot apply operator &"

When I attempt to add my credentials, I see an error message that seems to have nothing to do with adding credentials! What do I do to fix this?


Refreshing my report works on Power BI desktop, so I don't think the issue is with my queries themselves.




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@gopalv ,


Make sure data gateway has been updated to the latest version and check if the credentials in power bi service have been updated correctly.



Jimmy Tao


I've just had a similar issue, speaking to support today, we managed to fix it by updating the query in the desktop version. 


Go to Edit query and change: AzureDataExplorer.Contents() to Kusto.Contents()

Save and publish the report again and you should see your credentials now working properly.



Thank you, YOCEL, your workaround seems to have fixed my problem.