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ArcGIS not saving changes

I change the map ("Edit") from "Points" to "Boundaries" and adjust the colors in "symbol style".
Going back to report and saving.
After clicking to another tab inside the report and coming back the map is reset to default layout!?

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Community Support

Hi @Oliverpmone


I'm not able to reproduce the issue in Power BI desktop version 2.72.5556.701. Please test again to see if the issue still occurs. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Advocate I

Seems to work with the latest version.

But there are new problems:
The saved map style in PBI Desktop is not present in online!?
"Symbol style" with gradient red is now green...!?
see screen shot.


Another problem ist that the automatic Dashboard export and sending daily email with the dashboard says for the map "visual does not support export", so it stays empty again!




PBI DesktopPBI Desktop Pro Pro online


Dashboard onlineDashboard onlineDashboard subscription export emailDashboard subscription export email

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Side step - confusing version management.

I had installed: Version: 2.71.5523.941 64-bit (Juli 2019)

The MS documention says:
August 2019 Update (2.71.5523.641)

Which is lower then the July version!?


And when you get latest version you download:
Version: 2.72.5556.701 64-bit (August 2019)


No documentation...!?

Community Support

Hi @Oliverpmone


1. I set the fill color as red for ArcGIS map, after publishing the report to Power BI service, the ArcGIS map fill color is red as defined in Power BI desktop. I would suggest you test again. 




2. Regarding the ArcGIS map doesn't display in subscribed email, I found the same issue has been reported internally before: CRI 66162565 and CRI 108196751. It's by design that the ArcGIS map doesn't support in export scenarios, like Email Subscription or Export to PowerPoint/PDF.


3. The latest Power BI desktop version is 2.72.5556.801. You can find previous version here:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Advocate I



ad 1)
You should definitly test with same conditions!
I did not color the map, but used a color ramp based on measure as describend earlier (see screens)
Also you should use same geo examples: "1020 Wien, Austria", "1030 Wien, Austria"
What I found out: when opening the report online, the map is green
After changing any slicer it changes to the defined colors and behaviour!


ad 2)
Makes not much sense in an professional environment!
The "filled map" does not work online because of very poor geo search, in Desktop everything is fine with location info, online it is empty...
Alternativly you can use ArcGIS, which again can no be exported and also does not work proper.

ad 3)
I installed the very lates (I had 2.72.5556.701) - makes no difference.
What I also did mean, that the documentation for new versions is wrong or missing.