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ArcGIS Power BI - Edit Operation Amnesia (Not Saving Edits in Focus Mode)

I am facing a frustrating issue with ArcGIS reports. 


I have letter categorical data (grades) for factories with 5 levels (D to A+) I can assign my color scheme to these when editing the ArcGIS Map in focus mode. Great! While I keep a single Power BI desktop instance alive the change will remain as I switch tabs, filter etc... I can even publish the report to Power BI Service and the colors remain. 


The issue is if I close ALL instances of power bi desktop on my computer and then reopen the file suddenly all changes have made in edit mode (even changing the basemap, symbol shape) are no longer applied and the defaults have been selected. Then if I want to change something and publish to Power BI desktop I have to reset the colors manually each time. 


I have tried downloading the report from Power BI desktop (that is displaying correct color ramp online) and when I open the downloaded .pbix file on my computer it resets to the default map settings. 


I have tried repairing my Power BI installation. Uninstalling and reinstalling Power BI. Restarting my PC. This was not an issue as of 2 weeks ago and it now applies to every report I open on my computer. 


Is there a way to (A) fix this bug (B) change the default color ramp of ArcGIS Power BI to match what I need in my reports


No idea where to go from here. 



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@cmaine A similar ESRI ArcGIS issue was reported earlier this week and has been resolved.  Take a look at this thread....


Hi @cmaine


As mentioned by @ThomVF , the issue should be gone now. Please test again. 


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Qiuyun Yu