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ArcGIS Drive Time Icon

Can anyone tell me why in some instances I can see the Drive Time icon when using the ArcGIS Editor and other times it is not present?


I have included two images below. The first shows the Editor without the Drive Time icon, while the second shows it with the icon.






When Drive Time icon is present, the Data Fields for the visual contains a Tooltips field.   This field is ommit when the incon is missing. 


Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. 

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I tested with several reports which includes the ArcGis visuals, but always can see the Drive time icon. Does this issue related to the PBIX file? You can try to publish the report to Power BI Service again to see if this icon can appear. If it is specific to the PBIX file, could you please provide your PBIX file to me so that I can try to publish your report on my side?


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I just had an opportunity to dive back into the two reports in questions. As I opened Power BI, I was prompted to update for May.  After opening both files, I found that the Drive Time Icon is visiable in both reports. 


I'm guessing that updating or simiply restarting my machine helped clear the issue. I love the drive time functionality.  It really adds to the various spatial analysis reports that are critical to our organization's success.  My hope is that the drive time can be extended to greater than > 30 mins in the future.


Thank you for your reply.