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April 2021 Power BI Desktop Version 2.92.706.0 broke dataflows connectivity. GCC

Multiple users within our GCC tenant are reporting that the Microsoft Store auto-updated version of Power BI Desktop (April 2021 2.92.706.0) has broken connectivity to dataflows.  They cannot refresh existing solutions with connections to dataflows (in Desktop) nor create a new query to connect to dataflows that they have access to (I've verified access).


I've had them sign out and in of Power BI Desktop, delete cached credentials from the Data Source Settings and re-enter credentials, uninstall and reinstall the April 2021 version, restart their computer, revoke cached credentials from the Windows Credential Manager, all with no luck.


The error is:


We couldn't authenticate with the credentials provided. Please try again.


Manually reverting back to the March 2021 version solved this issue for our users.

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I tried the latest version to create a report. All seem to be working fine for me.

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@v-chuncz-msft I just updated to the latest version 2.92.1067.0 64-bit (April 2021) and I am still  unable to connect to my dataflows. I am receiving the same error whether I am trying to connect to Power BI dataflows or Power Platform dataflows. It does work just fine for Power BI datasets.  It was working find this morning in the March 2021 version. Any help on how to get this to function properly would be greatly appreciated. We are also on GCC .