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April 2020 throwing DataFormat.Error when using Gateway Performance PBI template file

On the April 2020 version of Desktop, downloaded the Gateway Performance PBI template file  and pointed it to my gateway logs.

In the query editor, both the "QueryExecutionReport" query and the "DataError" query both error with the following:


DataFormat.Error: There were more columns in the result than expected.


The problem appears after the Table.ExpandRecordColumn step - in the QueryExecutionReport I get it when I try to do the Table.Group step (I repeated the action in the UI to see if that had change) and in DataError the problem also occurs after the Table.ExpendRecordColumn step, but when you try to filter the rows for where the expanded JSON equals true.


Works correctly in : Version: 2.79.5768.663 64-bit (March 2020)
Doesn't work in : Version: 2.80.5803.1061 64-bit (April 2020)

Status: Accepted
Helper I

Getting the same issue. Looks like Refresh query log entries are outputting additional fields in the log.

Please see my the following post for details:

Frequent Visitor

Getting the same issue here on Version: 2.82.5858.641 64-bit (june 2020)

Frequent Visitor

Getting same error with June 2020 release.  Anyone know how to fix?

Regular Visitor

Same error with July 2020 release of the Gateway.

Anyone can help ?

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Same issue on latest release of the gateway (December 2021).

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Still present in Version: 2.106.883.0 64-bit (June 2022)