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App Workspace Not Loading

Hi - we've recently started distributing all of our reports via the App Workspace. 


The app is being shared with a group of users via an Azure Security Group and we've selected "Install This App Automatically". 


Unfortunately when the users go to access the APP either via the Link or through the PBI Service it gets stuck on "Building Your App"


Is this a known issue or has anyone experienced a similar type of issue ?



Status: New

Here is a screenshot of what we're seeing. 





Community Support Team



It seems to be a temporary issue. You may keep an eye on the Awareness.

Occasional Visitor

I am seeing the same issue with my published reports. It only seems to be happening in my reports that have marketplace visuals.

Frequent Visitor

Same Issue over here.

As an Admin I can open without any problem, but my business users seem to be stuck on this page quite often. (not every time)

Occasional Visitor

We are having the same issue with our business users accessing the app.  We also have it selected "Install This App Automatically". Not everyone, but about half the users in our trainings.

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i too am having this issue, i started by installing automatically. 


Then i added the viewers to the workspace and had them download the app. 


No luck