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App Landing page under navigation option not behaving correctly from today

When updating app, under navigation option, when I turn the navigation builder off and choose specific content, like a single report.


I am seeing unusual behaviour, when I go to my pulished app, instead of opening my report directly its showing me the list of report. which is should not happen.


Its doing the same process when we select the "none" option, which is incorrect.

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That seems to work fine for me. Clear cache and try again later. If necessary, create a support ticket for assistance.

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@v-chuncz-msft thank you for advice intresting that its working for you.


I did try clearing my cache and also used chrome, no result. It works well when the navigation builder is on, but when its off its taking me to the report list view instead of operning the report directly. I will wait for few days see if others have the same issue then raise a ticket.

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I have been experiencing the same issue since last night. I suspect this has to do with the "New navigation builder" switch. One of my apps uses the new navigation builder and has no issue. Another one that uses the old navigation builder (switch is off) behaves as described by @AbhishekH .

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Happening to me too - I created a ticket with Premier Support

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Same is happening with us too, excatly like @AbhishekH described.  Clearing cache does not solve the issue.  Please fix this ASAP!!!

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Thank you @klinejordan 

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@AbhishekH @klinejordan  We just created a ticket with premier support as well!!

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Apparently a fix is being deployed today at some point so I will check back tomorrow. 

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@klinejordan Is it working for you?  Microsoft also sent us a similiar message that they deployed a change yesterday.  I checked this morning and it's still not working 😐

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The issue is still apparent when exporting Power BI output to csv.


Is there a timeline when this fix will be implemented?