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Anyone else having issues with plotly?

Since Saturday we're expierencing severe issues with custom R-Visuals that use plotly in PowerBI service.
The visuals won't load at all and just give the error message "Missing Dependency For A Known R Package. Package 'plotly' has a dependency that is currently unavailable".


Everything works fine in PowerBI desktop so my guess is that some R-libraries have been updated on the PowerBI servers that cause plotly to break. This has indeed been an issue and cause of visuals not loading anymore in the past.


Is this something anyone else is expierencing?



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Pretty urgent that this gets fixed - got a custom viz using plotly in a report embedded in an app that can get viewed hundreds of times a day by users.

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Any update on this issue? Built a platform with a go-live in under a week. Need this updated ASAP.

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Same issue here, 


Missing Dependency For A Known R Package

Package 'plotly' has a dependency that is currently unavailable

Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details

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Saw this on Ms support page:

Power BI customers using the plotly R Package may see visuals not load with a "Script Runtime Error" message. Engineers are working on a fix and expect it to be deployed by end-of-day 03/04/2020.


Looking forward to the fix

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thanks @wouterDefour 


hope that's mm/dd/yyyy

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Anyone have any input on how realistic 03/04/2020 is? Any predictions on if this fix will come earlier or later? Doesn't seem like it should be a hard fix to make on the server side since the package worked 7 days ago. Any actions that can be done to escalate this issue more?

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Microsoft has patched the error on the service!

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Hi Everyone,


Did it get resolved? I am still getting the same error?

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Hi All,


its working for me..I believe as committed ( even took more than expected) MS, fixed the issue.