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Analyze in Excel / CubeValue not working

Starting yesterday, none of my Excel reports that I setup using CubeValue formulas are able to refresh.  Occasionally some of the cells will return values, but most of the time all of the cells just [eventually] come back with a #N/A error.  I have some Pivot Tables in the same reports using the same ODC connection and those refresh/update without any issues, it is just the CubeValue formulas that are impacted.  If I edit the formula in an individual cell (i.e. start adding a new filter variable), it reads the data model without issue (suggesting fields to complete what I am typing), and most of the time after editing that individual cell will return an actual value.  Same thing happens if I create a second ODC connection (to the same model) - if I repoint an individual cell to the new ODC connection, I get a value.  However if I try to do a find/replace on the Worksheet with the new ODC Connection, the same issue occurs - long amount of spinning with no values being returned.


Since it's clearly not a connection issue, I'm not even sure where to start troubleshooting?  I found a short thread in the Community forum referencing the same issue from a couple of other users, but no resolution.  It appears to be random and intermittent based on what the other users have written.


Community Thread:

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Could you please try to install to see if it helps?


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@v-haibl-msft, I was able to successfully refresh my files after downloading the file you provided.  Do you have a 32 bit version as well (my colleague is experiencing the same issue, but does not have a 64 bit machine)?


Is this different than the file provided for download from the PowerBI Interface?


Thanks for the quick response!





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Hi All,


The Power BI dev team let me know that they deployed a fix last night. As of this morning all of our connected workbooks are working normally again. Hopefully it is working just as well for everyone else.





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@mikegunns - did you have to do anything to get your workbooks to refresh properly? i downloaded and installed the analyze in excel update today and am still seeing #N/As all over the place. i also tried downloading the file posted in an earlier comment by @v-haibl-msft, but am seeing the same issues. and my pivot tables continue to refresh fine. microsoft - please help!

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@rachelrduarte they may not yet have deployed the fix accross all clusters. None of our users had to change anything or download an update, the same connected workbooks simply refresh successfully now. Do you have a support ticket open?

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@mikegunns - thank you for the quick reply. i'll try again early next week. i'm anxious to hear any updates from microsoft here. 

i do not have a support ticket. it looks like i need admin rights to submit one. =/

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@v-haibl-msft I am having same issues today refreshing my reports which have cube formulas connected to a power BI source. Can you please help.

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I have suddenly encountered this issue too.


I have installed the file recommended by Herbert with no success.


Strangely it is also only impacting one data connection, the two others I have in the workbook refresh no problem.


Any help?