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Analyze In Excel - #N/A Values

Analyze In Excel has been unreliable yesterday and today. In workbooks regularly used each week without issue, many cube values now produce #N/A's, yet return values when changing seemingly unrelated cells, or CUBEMEMBER references, with no discernable rhyme or reason. Many business users across our organization are affected.


When changing the thin workbook connection to a local version of the published PBIX file, all functions return values as normal. I know some changes were made yesterday, June 1. Could any changes have affected thin workbook connections?


Please help as connected workbooks are widely used across our organization--the most common way our business users consume Power BI data daily. Thank you.

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Advocate I

I am now experiencing this same issue.  I cannot get any of my Excel Workbooks that were setup with Cube Value formulas to refresh properly.  Pivot Table connections work without any issue, it is just when I am using the CubeValue formula.

Advocate II

Our issues magically went away a few weeks ago. I think I remember reading that some changes were made to Analyze in Excel, but can't remember if there were any specifics. 

Helper I

Our issues also went away a few weeks ago, but reemerged last week just as @nbailey described--Pivot Tables refresh fine, but not Cube formulas.

Helper I

Just an update -- PBI deployed a fix last night. As of this morning all of our connected workbooks are working again.

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@mikegunns - did you have to do anything to get your workbooks to refresh properly? i downloaded and installed the latest analyze in excel update, but i'm still seeing the same issue. 

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@mikegunns @rachelrduarte @Vicky_Song I am facing the same issues with my reports today. Did a solution work for you? Can you please help me.



New Member

Same issue for me.

I'm not using PBI, but only using Excel. Some CUBEMEMBER() function returns #N/A error, but the members actually do exist in data model and pivot table works fine. If pivot tables are converted to formulas, it shows the same issue.

Refreshing doesn't fix the issue. However, changing something here & there then refresh, the issue may disappear or re-emerge, highly unpredictable.


My guess 1: something related to asynchronous data modeling & caching. The members are not properly cached for CUBE functions.
My guess 2: some loading/calculation may be delayed, throttled or halted by too many errors, resulting incomplete data cache.


Office 365 Version 2002 (Build 12527.20880 Click-to-Run) Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel.