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Almost Done Loop 12.05.2019

Reports won't load, gets stuck in "Almost Done" loop. Clearing Cache does not solve issue. 

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This is america server, attempted on multiple browsers


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I'm having the same problem with reports that use Import.  My daily refresh also did not happen this morning on the dataset

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This is also happening with my company. The only report that appears to be loading is one that is connected to an on-premises SSAS cube. The rest of them have the almost done loop. Dataset refreshes are also failing. I put in a support ticket with Microsoft. Hopefully it is resolved soon.


Same thing here, also on America servers. Reports are either using on-premise data or online data

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We are having the same issue in our organization. It just spinning and says almost done.


Same issue america server. Also strange that a scheduled refresh of dataset kicked of even after it was disabled.


The same from Brazil.


Hi all, 


Please restart browsers then test again. If the issue still occurs, please share your Power BI tenant URL with us. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu


Today my access back to normal. I did not clear cache or reset my browser (chrome / IE / Mozilla). Yesterday the data update was also failing, but today it returned to work. I think it may have been a temporary server instability. I wull follow during this day.