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Allow unrestricted measures in DirectQuery mode

Why am I no longer able to select the option to 'allow unrestricted measures in DirectQuery mode'? I am unable to get a report functioning the correct way without this option.



Status: New
Community Support Team

@CRamirez ,


Have you updated power bi desktop to the latest version? Which formula are you using? Please refer to the formula list which is optimized for direct query in doc below:



Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor

@v-yuta-msft ,

Yes I have updated to the most recent Power BI desktop version. I have tried quite a few formulas and none have worked to meet my needs. I used to be able to select 'allow unrestricted measures in DirectQuery mode' which would allow me to use additional formulas, but that is no longer an option. Is there a reason this functionality has been removed?


Also, checking the list on the link you sent me it shows MIN & MAX on both of the 'Supported in all DAX formulas' and the 'Supported in measure and query formulas only' columns.


I'm finding that there are some functions listed on your link that work fine while on the desktop, but break once they are published on the service, namely MIN/MAX.