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Allow Parameters to be used in Dataflow with a Pro licence

I have tried the just announced (Nov 19) Parameters in dataflow.
Unless i am wrong, i believe they can only be used with a Premium  licence... (not a Pro licence)


If i add the fact that combine / merge (used in almost avery model) is also a Premium Feature, i would like to understand the practical scenarios left in dataflow for a Pro user.



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Hi @jmdh


Where did you see that announcement? 


Based on my research, PG team just start working on this feature. You can see the same idea here:


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Qiuyun Yu


IT is posted on the PowerBI blog 50+ Dataflows Improvments this month 

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I have the same problem. I have a Pro license and when I define a new parameter and not even using it in my query I get a notification after clicking "Save & close" telling me that "Something went wrong" with technical details like "Could not perform this operation due to an internal error" and status code 400.


If this feature isn't available for Pro users, it shouldn't be visible in the user interface.


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