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All visual show errors..

Ukjente felt i denne visuelle effekten
Vi kan ikke identifisere følgende felt: Interactions. Oppdater den visuelle effekten med felt som eksisterer i datasettet.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Aktivitets-ID: 19fbd679-a5d4-4443-93ad-4042791890ad
Forespørsels-ID: 8a3b6568-8320-2608-c048-dcc6a4968566
Korrelasjons-ID: d12ffbc5-a911-b841-ae61-c3fc14623aa2
Klokkeslett: Wed Mar 06 2019 07:31:05 GMT+0100 (CET)
Versjon: 13.0.8621.157


We are running live SSAS cubes, and no reports are able to publish. No reports are showing the visual in service.

Status: Needs Info

@henmor ,

I use internal tool to check the above error message and find the detailed information below.

"Could not resolve QueryDefinition due to invalid SourceEntity reference ''. This error often happens after the Entity was renamed or deleted. Please update the query/visual to use the new name or undo the name change. "

Do you delete or rename columns in your tables? If  columns were deleted, please also remove the queries/visuals that use these columns.


Status changed to: Needs Info
Advocate I

Of course i did not rename or deleted any fields. Everything looks fine in desktop. When publishing to service, the visuals are gone, and same error appears. Updated gateway, still same issue.

Advocate I

@v-yuezhe-msft This post regarding the same problem;

Any updates? 30 comments here about the same.