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All() function not working (on sorted column ?)

Dear All,


I have three columns in the table "Sales" :

- Sales Quantity (integer)

- Sales Group (text)

- Sales Group Sort (integer)


And this measure :

Sales Quantity Unfiltered = CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[Sales Quantity]);ALL(Sales[Sales Group]))


The column "Sales Goup" is sorted by "Sales Group Sort". 


I found out that the ALL() function is ignored when it is applied to a column that is "sorted by" another column ... When I remove the "Sort By Column", it's working again... 



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This one was reported internally to Power BI Team before: CRI 38248562
And this is by design. When a column [A] is sorted by another column [B], adding [A] to a report implicitly also add [B] to the report even though [B] is invisible. As a result, the measure must apply ALL to both [A] and [B].


Best Regards,

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