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After updating Power BI Desktop to November 2020 i have Memory error

1. We've created PBI dashboard with July 2020 version. Everything worked perfectly.

PBI July2020 works fine.png

2. After updating Power BI Desktop to November 2020 version we receive "Memory allocation error" on the exact same file.



Why does it happen and how to fix it?

And is it just a November 2020 bug or we should radically change our model and measures to work with the future versions?


P.S. we use some conditional slicers in the model so it has multiple measures to be calculated to receive the result. Maybe after the last update Powe BI have some restrictions to number of such operations. 


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The latest version (2.87.923.0seems to work fine for me. You may take a look at Optimization guide for Power BI.

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@v-chuncz-msft thank you for the response! We've updated Power BI to the latest version you mentioned. 

But that didn't help:(


Do you have any other ideas why does it happen in November 2020 version and doesn't happen in July 2020 version?
We don't know how to release this piece of work now.

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Hi, I have got the same issue with the latest update. The report pages with the main dataset have the error, but the report connects to that dataset are all good. Please have a look and fix asap.

Thank you.

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Hi all,


I too have been reporting issues with my latest Power BI Version: 2.87.1061.0 64-bit (November 2020). It just stops in the middle of my work and a Popup window prompts me to report the issue without giving me the chance to save my latest changes! it happened to me 6 times with this version but never before. Also another weird thing yesterday with a DAX formula SUMX = SUMX('TABLE_X', TABLE_X[A] / TABLE_X[B])  returns a completely false result so I had to use SUM = SUM(TABLE_X[A]) /SUM(TABLE_X[B])


Any idea?