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After the October 2021 update the model view is messed up

After installing the October 2021 update of Power BI Desktop, the layout in the Model view is messed up. The positions of tables in the model view are not situated as it was in the last configuration.

Status: Delivered
Super User

Ugh. This is hitting me big time. Not every model, but more than I'd care to count.

New Member

After updating to october version, i am struck at "Creating connection in model". Please help how to downgrade to August version


Really dislike this change. All my model views are now breaking. 

Frequent Visitor

Worst timing for this bug!  Hopefully a resolution comes quickly.


I sent my pbix to my home computer where I still had the Sept release which was fine then it upgraded over the weekend and now gone again.  


Is there any way to download a prior release in the mean time?


Helper IV

Between this and the lack of a progress display on data load, I am sadly reverting back to August 2021. Disappointing steps backward in QC for the Power BI product team here. Please step it up.

Super User

@MINIGOYAL12 that is a different issue. The model likely isn't stuck, it just no longer reports records being loaded, which is a different bug. Leave the thing alone and let it work and it should load. See this thread. Stuck at Creating Connection Model - Microsoft Power BI Community

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Why did the October release come so early?  Given all of the bugs, they should have user tested more and released later in the month.  

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Ugh. This is way worse than I thought. It seems it totally deleted all additional layout views. The tabs are there, but they are all empty. 

Power BI Team

We are investigating this issue with high priority... In the meantime, you can launch Desktop first and then use File->Open to workaround this issue.


Thank you,

Alex Gorev

Helper II

Same issue here.

I have been using layouts a lot for relationships and since the update, only the "All tables" layout is still showing the tables.  All other layouts have been cleared of any tables.

This is a major drawback for me and my team as we are mostly using the layout to make contextualized views of relatioships in large models.