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Admin user with licence PRO disappeared

Hi everyone,

today something really worrying happened. My boss phoned my saying he could not login to power bi anymore: The admin user disappeared. I verified on our Azure subscription and the user was not there anymore.

Then I created it again, but now when i login powerBI, the workspace is empty and the user has a Free license... It's like it is a real new user! heere you can see there is no workspace for the new user.




Then I logged in powerbi with my personal user. Nothing seems changed. I still see the reports, the workspaces and the real admin user... In the screen you can see the workspace when I login with my personal account (I am simone). In the background you see the dataset of the workspace. ICT is (was?) the Admin.



ICT was the only one user with PRO account subscribed. My account is a free account and I do not have admin permission. Noone else has admin permissions, so our operativity is really limitated. How can I recover the real admin user? Or can I recover workspace and create a new admin in some way? Is the PRO subscription still active on ICT user? 


Thank you

Status: Investigating
Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating
Community Support



I cannot reproduce the issue. You may check View and manage user licenses and Power BI support options.