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Admin portal not loading



My account (Pro license) has been given Power BI Administrator role in Office 365 but when I go into the Admin Portal via the Power BI service, it shows the loading animation but does not load finish loading.


The organisation I'm logging into has very tight security so I'm assuming it's a security setting that is not documented in any of the following pages:

My user has been given the permission to create groups in Exchange, which I believe is a requirement. I just can't find the doc explaining it.


This is also happening for other Power BI Administrator role users but not for the Global Admin role user.


Is there an additional SharePoint 365 or Exchange 365 permission that needs to be granted for the Power BI Admin portal to work? Anywhere else I should be looking into?


Thanks in advanced.

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You may try getting a network trace using a tool like fiddler.

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Hi @v-chuncz-msft ,


Thanks for the tip. I can see that we're getting a 400 error with the response:




A quick look around online, it looks like it's Azure AD Conditional Access policy. Are you able to point me to a document that outlines the access policies that apply to Power BI?

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The issue has been resolved by giving the admin users Azure Active Directory Premium licenses. 


Although this is directly related to Power BI, the issue was related to the tenant having Conditional Access policies that only apply to Azure AD premium users. All other users are declined access.