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Admin access to workspace from outside of your organization does not allow you to share reports

I am working in an organization that has 2 separate Azure tenants. We manage our Power BI licenses from the tenant that is not native for majority of the users.


There are few comments I have before moving on to the subject:

  • The fact that the users can log in with their organizational account instead of having a separate account only for Power BI is OK.
  • The lack of the left pane can be tolerated and maybe even somehow eases the use of the reports and dashboards.
  • Once logged in, the user cannot:
    • see all the reports shared with him from different organizations. - That's an inconvenience.
    • switch between organizations as easily as in Azure. - That's an inconvenience.


Now to the point.

I have 3 accounts:

  • 1st tenant admin 
  • 1st tenant member
  • 2nd tenant member

The problem I have is that; even though the 2nd tenant member has the admin rights to the workspace on the 1nd tenant, he cannot submit any reports to this workspace.

  • Clicking publish on Power BI Desktop level shows the workspaces native to the account, making the beforementioned workspace invisible.
  • Clicking "+ New/Upload a file" in Power BI Service does nothing, no pop-up, no information, no error message that I could share here.


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Community Support

Hi, @AdrianPO 

According to my research, the problems you mentioned seems to be explained in the official document of Microsoft:

For the first point, it says that publishing to the outside workspace is not supported:



For the second point, it says that the guest users are supported to use the “Get data” in the bottom left to upload file to the Power BI service:




For more information, you can follow these links:


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin