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Adding a custom column with a long name in Power Query breaks the UI

See below for a screen shot. 



Version: 2.85.963.0 64-bit (September 2020)

Status: New
Super User III

See how the long column name causes the column name selector extend way out into the custom column formula box. This was not the case a few builds ago (August or July?)

Super User III

Still happening. Version: 2.85.985.0 64-bit (September 2020)



Community Support

@edhans ,


I could reproduce this issue and will report internally. Will update here when I get any response.



Jimmy Tao

Super User III

Thanks @v-yuta-msft - we have confirmed the August 2020 release did not have this bug, so it is a new introduction in the Sept build. Looking forward to the fix, hopefully in October's build.

Solution Sage

Appears to have been fixed in the October 20 build

Super User III

Yup. Confirmed @jthomson - can mark this as solved, though not sure how to do that in the Issues forum.