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Adding a Measure from a Tabular Model Causes an unexpected exception

The March PowerBi Desktop Relase seems to be UNstabvle when Live Connecting to TDM,


Tring to bring a Mesaure in cause Unexpected Exception as, and /Or PwerBi Tesktop to Hang when Triung to add a new New Measure in PBI DT


Tried to send a Frown but thant is not Working WTF!!

Status: New

Hi @DavidRPitts,



1. Check if the issue is related to this specific measure. You can try to drag other measures. 

2. Please update the Power BI desktop to the latest version 2.56.5023.1021

3. Which error display when the issue occurs? Please share desktop trace log around the time issue occurs with us. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu