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Adding Security groups to Row Level Security security settings still has issues

Power BI customers with premium capacities using Row Level Security may experience issues while adding non-mail-enabled security groups to roles with the message, "The Role could not be updated. Please try again later". As a workaround, users can move their workspace to Shared, add the security group, then move it back to the capacity. Engineers have identified the root cause and a fix is expected to be deployed by end-of-day 01/16/2021.


Above issue is still not fixed .

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Row-level security issues still persist.  Why is this not showing up on the Service Outage/Degradation section?  This is an issue and needs to be corrected.  It is preventing us from giving users access to data where rls is required.  We can't do the work-around as that section is not available for us to make changes.  It is locked.



The issue is showing up in a note on the Support page.  They are saying it will be 2/20/2021 before this is resolved. That is quite some time for key users to go without accessing the reports...  

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@ThomasFS   or anyone else who have tried the work around, Do you know if turning Off and On the premium capacity, affect anything or break anything any other dashboards RLS, we also have Paginated reports in this workspace?


Any more insight will be helpful. Thank you. 

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Also experiencing this issue of not being able to save roles. However some reports within the same workspace do not have this problem


Activity ID: bf707a2f-f5a5-44a0-9248-5e9161efd038
Request ID: 74f94d30-6d95-aa8f-b14b-d559adaa74bf
Correlation ID: 24f8fc11-711c-9fef-8f8c-975743567588
Status code: 500
Time: Tue Jan 26 2021 14:44:39 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.15255.54
Client version: 2101.3.04559-train
Cluster URI:

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@pooja_j I cannot say for every situation. We only have one report using RLS, so cannot say for sure if there were more. But I cannot imagine it would impact any other report, as the premium capacity you change on a report, seems only connected to that report.

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We have URGENT deployments, Please provide some estimated timeframe of resolution!!

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I am facing same issue and our business is getting impacated as not able to add new user in row level security.

Can you please fix this urgently?

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The issue has been removed from the Overview, but we are still experiencing the error message.