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Adding Dataverse for Teams Power App to PBI via Power Apps Visual doesn't create PBI data connection

I have a Dataverse for Teams Power App I've developed and want to use in conjunction with PBI data. I added it to my Power BI report and did the saving process as is typical with the PBI Visual, but no data connection has been created, so the PBI report doesn't communicate with the Dataverse app (see no connection below):




This is an important piece of a prototype I'm developing for a project, so hoping there's a fix.


As an addendum, it would be REALLY great if the limitation with the PBI visual not adding the RefreshPowerBIIntegration.Refresh() to existing apps could be fixed as well as that is incredibly crippling as a Power Platform developer wanting to promote complete integration using modern Power Apps.

Status: New
Community Support


I suggest you to go to the Power App community to open a new case to get the suggestions from the experts from the Power App:


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Helper IV

@v-robertq-msft, this wouldn't really be a Power Apps issue, though, would it? That is to say, it's a combination of Power BI and Power Apps not communicating when triggered from Power BI, but Power BI is the initiator as it is what is supposed to be integrated into the Powe App via the visual in Power BI.