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Action Pane in Format Shape doesn't Preview all the bookmarks available


As shown above in the report that was designed, it had 12 bookmarks in it but the  action menu in format shape pane doesn't show all the bookmarks available when i try to assign a shape to a bookmark.

Need Help At This!!

Status: New

Hi @Kashyap3343


Based on my test in Power BI desktop version 2.68.5432.841 64-bit (April 2019), it's able to display all bookmarks for the action. Please update the Power BI desktop to the same version as ours. 


If you already selected the Shapes eg: rectangle to open the Format Shape pane, then add a new bookmark, to make the new bookmark display in the Action dropdown list, you need to release the selection of the rectangle by clicking any blank space in the report page, then select the rectangle again to open Format Shape pane. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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