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AWS hosted Postgres -- Connectivity Issues

Having trouble with intermitten connectivity to a postgres instance hosted by AWS.  It is similar to the outage experienced last week that was temporarily resolved. Can connect occasionally but not consistently.  Causing a huge pain for my organization.

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Hi @jc03701,


Does the issue happen in Power BI desktop or service? Is there any error throws out? 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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I have the same issue with Postgres except it is not hosted on AWS.  The dataset refreshes perfectly every time in Desktop. 


Key findings:

In the service it refreshes correctly approximately 50% of the time. 

It doesn't seem to matter whether the refresh is manual or scheduled.

Only one table is affected which is limited to 1000 rows retrieved rather than the full dataset.  The rest of the tables come through complete.


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One other note, in the advisory that is now shown as complete, there was mention of merge and append.  The table in my case that is having issues has a merge step.


It happens on the desktop.  When I push out to the service, it isn't effected. 

Having the opposite issue as @jc03701... downloaded August 2018 desktop update yesterday and data load now works as it should using the app, however after (re)publishing, my reports are still showing incomplete data on service.


As @MikeHawryluk mentioned, there was a "incomplete data load" health advisory last week (since "resolved") related to merge/append query steps. Coincidentally, all my issues pertained to pbix files which contain merges/appends.

FYI, after installing August desktop app AND August on-premises gateway, no more issues.


Updating both app and gateway now.  Will share my experience once I run through my files.


Not sure if it matters, but my data source is SQL server 2012... good luck.


All intial performance test on the desktop app have been successful.  Haven't pushed out to service yet and tested.  Stay tuned.