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API Call takes too long



I have a performance issue regarding one of the API endpoint.


I'm working on a Power BI report to analyse the content of a Power BI tenant (workspace, report, dataset, datasource...)


I'm getting datasources details using the GetDatasourcesAsAdmin endpoint.

It's working fine but it takes 15/20 sec to execute while all other endpoints call take 1-2 sec on the same tenant.

For example, the similar GetDatasetsAsAdmin takes 1 sec to execute. 


The tenant contains around 120 workspaces/groups and about 400 datasets.

It takes 2 hours to get all the datasources info...


Any ideas why it's taking so long?








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Community Support Team

Hi @strawn,


Could you please send me the ID as the snapshot shows? Maybe I can find something from the log database.

BTW, do you have a premium capacity?



Best Regards,


Community Support Team
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Hi Dale,


thanks for your message!


The Power BI tenant is not under Premium capacity, we only use Professional licences.


I relaunch the API this morning, the request id is : dc7085e7-2da1-4de1-9330-53488369ff5f.

Let me know if you find something in the log database.


Here is the snapshots :


api-1.pngGetDatasourcesAsAdmin API callapi-2.pngResponse headers 

Thanks again for your help Smiley Happy



Community Support Team

Hi Nicolas,


No errors can be found in the Log database. Actually, the log is quite short. 

1. I saw there are two headers. What are they? Only the token is needed.

2. How many data sources in your test? What are they if possible to provide? 

I will test again.

If you have a Pro license, I would suggest you file a support ticket here.


Best Regards,




Hi Dale,


1. There's one header for the request and one header for the response

2. Only 2 datasources are returned in my test


I filed a ticket with the support team. To me it's clearly a back-end issue that requires intervention from the development team, not the kind of people easy to reach though Smiley Wink


Thanks again for your help Smiley Happy



Community Support Team
Status changed to: Delivered