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A working power bi report suddenly does not work today

No slicers, no filters are working, refresh icons on all elements displayed, but NO progress is being made.

This is made in import mode, I am using pro-trial 1-year subscription. Help...

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BTW. no it is working for the creator account, but for the receiver account Power BI loading icon is displayed, but dashboard is not loaded...

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What is the subscription of the receiver account, basic or pro user?

I just tried to share my dashboard to a pro user in my organization (internal sharing), the receiver can view the shared dashboard properly.

How about the result if you stop sharing and re-share to the same user?


BTW, if you are sharing dashboard to external user (external sharing), please go to Admin portal to check that if external sharing has been disabled.


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dashboard is published by pro-trial (1-year trial) to pro-trial (1-year trial) user

re-sharing did not help, share content with external users is enabled.


What is strange - if content receiver checks "shared with me" section - it is empty...

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If you are sharing dashboard with external pro trial user, there is an existing issue which has already been reported to Power BI team internally: CRI 39028265

Please refer to this related thread.


One more thing, when you share with people outside your organization, they get an email with a link to the shared dashboard. After they sign in, they see the shared dashboard in its own browser window without the left navigation pane, not in their usual Power BI portal. They have to bookmark the link to access this dashboard in the future.




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